About Ahi Mahi Fish Grill

When the concept of Ahi Mahi first came about, we knew there were few places outside of coastal and beach towns where seafood lovers could really experience the freshness and taste of grilled fish.

Originally from California, the Ahi Mahi team recognized that there was a growing community of health-conscious individuals looking for an alternative to the many grills that provided mostly red meat and high carb meals. But for those like us, out to find more than just a filling meal, these chains didn’t provide enough. So we set out to give these communities more. The only question was ‘how’? After a few ventures and experiments with healthier takes on common dishes, we looked a few miles to our nearest beach, only to realize the answer to what this new wave of people was looking for was right in our very own Golden State. Not long after, we decided it was time to bring our mix to everyone’s community. What we ended up with? A healthy, California-inspired cuisine.

We hope you grab a friend and head over to enjoy the freshness of our grill as much as we did back in our home state!